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The future of the internet—along with the next wave of innovations—will be built on decentralised technology. 

To spotlight, nurture and accelerate the incredible potential of this technology, CoinDCX together with YourStory, Devfolio and Buidlers Tribe are bringing together a first-of-its-kind Web3 event themed around innovation and technological neutrality in Web3.

Unfold 2022 will be a first-of-its-kind, high-energy, immersive blended Web3 tech event created by CoinDCX, India's first crypto unicorn that’s supporting disruptive Web3 startups and individuals driving valuable and sustainable innovation.

This Web3 event will bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers shaping the future of Web3 to share knowledge and exchange ideas on BUIDLing and scaling for the next billion, Web3 investing, and emerging models in crypto innovation.

More details coming soon, stay tuned


The Unfold 2022 Hackathon

All Web3 builders are invited to be a part of this first-of-its-kind melting pot of a hackathon where they'll get to interact with some of the finest minds from the ecosystem, build on the chain of your choice, and compete for bounties worth more than $50,000.

Created in partnership with hackathon experts Devfolio, the Unfold 2022 hackathon is a call to arms bringing together developers, industry experts, advisors, mentors, and companies to innovate and build decentralised applications with the potential of mass adoption.


The Unfold 2022 Web3 Demo Day

As part of the endeavour to accelerate the incredible diversity and potential of this technology, Buidlers Tribe and CoinDCX are looking to provide visibility, guidance, and funding to the most promising Web3 startups across the country. 10 shortlisted Web3 startups will get to showcase their work and acquire support from peers in the industry at the Unfold 2022 Demo Day. The perks of winning it include a $1 million pool of funding from CoinDCX and $25K of BeliefDAO grants from Buidlers Tribe.

India's premier Web3 event


Web3 enthusiasts





$1 million

Prize Pool



Supported by the best in the ecosystem Web3 event

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What's in store

In its spectacular premier edition, Unfold 2022 will offer an all-immersive experience for people across the global tech ecosystem, while also providing a platform to spotlight and celebrate ideas, innovations, individuals, and brands that are powering Web3.

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Who should attend

Do you want to be a part of the narrative that’s shaping the internet of the future? Do the words crypto, Web3, and blockchain excite you? Join leading voices from the local and global Web3 arena to help shape the future of the internet.

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UN_Sandeep Nailwa.png

Sandeep Nailwal



UN_Illia Polosukhin.png

Illia Polosukhin



UN_Uri Kolodny.png

Uri Kolodny



UN_Hemant Mohapatra.png

Hemant Mohapatra



UN_Shailesh Lakhani.png

Shailesh Lakhani

MD, Sequoia India

UN_Pratik Agarwal.png

Pratik Agarwal



UN_Kavin Bharti Mittal.png

Kavin Bharti Mittal

Founder & CEO, Hike/Rush Gaming Universe

UN_Manish Agarwal.png

Manish Agarwal

CEO Nazara, Technologies

UN_Alex Shalash Ceo.png

Alex Shalash

UN_Prashant Maurya.png

Prashant Maurya



UN_Lovis Kauf.png

Lovis Kauf

Principal, Tokenomics

UN_Sameep Singhania.png

Sameep Singhania

Co-founder, Quickswap

UN_Sai Srinivas Kiran.png

Sai Srinivas Kiran


UN22_Gabby Dizon.png

Gabby Dizon


UN_Yawn Rong.png

Yawn Rong

Co-Founder, StepN

UN_Niki Ariyasinghe.png

Niki Ariyasinghe

Global Head Of Partnerships, Chainlink Labs

UN_Yeshu Agarwal.png

Yeshu Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO, Transak

UN22_Anshum Bhambri.png

Anshum Bhambr



UN_Lovis Kauf-19.png

Ganesh Swami

CEO, Covalent


Ganesh Swami

CEO, Covalent

UN_Aniket Jindal.png

Aniket Jindal

Co-founder, Biconomy


Francesco George Renzi

CEO & Co-founder, Superfluid  

UN_Aniket Gupta.png

Aniket Gupta

 Developer Relations, Alchemy

10:00 AM

Hackathon & Demo Day Launch

10:30 AM

Opening Keynote

11:10 AM

Panel Discussion

From Web2 to Web3: How will gaming giants incorporate Web3 principles?

Why is the evolution from Web2 to Web3 gaming necessary? How will gaming giants incorporate Web3 principles? This session explores the nuances of transitioning to Web3, by looking at the core tenets of Web2 gaming vs Web3 gaming, understanding in-game economies, and how traditional gaming giants are looking at Web3 and Metaverse.

12:10 PM

Panel Discussion

Building Dev tools and infra layers to bring the next wave of developers into Web3

As Web3 programming becomes increasingly mainstream, the session will help decode current challenges faced by developers in Web2 looking to move to Web3. It will help decode the innovation required to enable developers to build in this space. The session will also focus on the white-spaces where tools are needed, and how Web3 companies are planning to fill the whitespaces.

12:40 PM

Panel Discussion

Core building blocks of Web3: What's in store for leading blockchains?

As blockchain technology expands its scope and dimensions, new challenges and approaches have emerged. This session aims to deep dive into innovations expected from different blockchains, the associated trade-offs, opportunities and challenges. It will also look into the role India will play in the global blockchain story, and what it will take to be among the top five chains.

02:20 PM

Fireside Chat

P2E gaming

02:50 PM

Panel Discussion

NFTs: New ways of engagement and monetization

While NFT is a revolutionary concept, we have seen only a few use cases gain momentum. With the view to look at new ways of engagement and monetization for NFTs, the session will deep dive into how they could change the way we function across different industries. It will explore use cases from the emerging models of engagement and monetization in the creator economy, to its adoption in mainstream sectors including real estate, academia, governance, and healthcare.

03:20 PM

Panel Discussion

DeFi in 2030: Innovations driving the next wave of adoption

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is changing the way people all over the world think about money faster than any previous financial revolution. Looking to expand on the next wave of its adoption, this panel will discuss the innovations bubbling under the surface and new models we can expect to see emerge over the next few years. It will look into the Open Financial System of the future and the  innovations that will drive the mainstream adoption of DeFi.

03:50 PM

DeFi Launch

04:10 PM

Panel Discussion

Web3 investing: Investing thesis and key forward-looking emerging trends

Web3 is potentially the biggest technological innovation since the advent of the internet, providing VCs with one of the most asymmetric upside opportunities in recent history. In an attempt to better understand the Web3 investing thesis and get a sense of key forward-looking emerging trends, this session will cover investment theses, and early trends that investors/VCs are excited about in this space.

05:00 PM



05:20 PM

Panel Discussion

More Web3 unicorns will come out of India than Web2 unicorns: How do you build for the world from India in Web3?

Very soon, India is expected to have both the largest number of retail crypto customers and the largest number of Web3 developers in the world. This gives a unique vantage point for Indian Web3 entrepreneurs. As Web3 companies from India, build for the world, this session will spotlight successful Web3 founders, the challenges they face, and playbooks for competing in the global arena.


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